The Intimate E Stimulator Remote Dual Kegel Exerciser use the zinc-alloy stimulator pads to automatically tone and strengthen the pelvic muscles responsible for arousal and climax. The tingling kegel weight has 7 vibration functions, 5 electro-stim levels & a flexible retrieval cord. Tone, strengthen and tighten pelvic floor muscles while you or your lover use the handy remote to cycle through powerful sensations from up to 32 feet (10 m) away.


The Intimate E-Stimulator Petite G Wand; This g-spot massager packs 5 electro-stimulation functions and 7 vibration functions for powerfully heightened pleasure with every use. Electro-Stimulation technology uses electric pulses to automatically strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles responsible for intense orgasms. The strategically placed zinc alloy electro-stim pads gently pulse to intensify sensation and climax.

Intimate E-Stimulator Remote Kegel Exerciser

Intimate E-Stimulator Wand

Intimate E-Stimulator Dual Wand

Intimate E-Stimulator Petite Wand

Impulse Estim Display with Testers - Display of 16

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