If you thought you already knew all about clitoral stimulation, brace yourself. Discover this Megawand and improve your stimulation. The massager looks classic and elegant and has a very powerful motor. This rechargeable external stimulator will make your clitoris swell in no time. You can choose from 20 different vibration options and 8 speeds. In total you have 160 combination options to choose from. The head is flexible so you can stimulate every spot.

Diamond Plug

Diamond Plug is an aluminium bejeweled butt plug that is easy to insert due to its round shape. The butt plug ensures safe penetration due to the flat bottom. The aluminum alloy material reacts to temperature, allowing users to experiment with temperature.

Small, Medium, and Large

Douche Mate Pro

Douche Mate Pro is a 2-in-1 enema and vibrator that provides perfect cleansing while enjoying intense moments of pleasure. Once the reservoir is filled with water (maximum 200 ml), the user can choose between 3 cleaning modes and let the water escape through the soft silicone tip. The 5 multi-directional jets provide a gentle yet deep 360° cleaning. The vibrator has a powerful motor with 7 vibration modes to stimulate the anus. 360° automatic cleaning.

Magic Finger

Magic Finger is a discrete, clitoral vibrator that stimulates all erogenous zones with precision. Magic Finger offers one powerful vibration mode and three speed settings. Turn your finger or your partner's finger into an amazing toy. Simply swipe your finger into the ring and let the touchpoints do their magic! Soft and textured silicone. Ergonomic and comfortable shape.

Dual Explorer

Dual Explorer has 9 vibration modes and 9 up-and-down thrusting settings to stimulate all the erogenous zones. The stimulator is very flexible and can provide stimulation to the vagina, clitoris, anus, perineum and nipples. 9 vibration modes . 9 thrusting modes. Very flexible.

Orgasmic Double Do

Discover double penetration like never before with the Orgasmic Double Do, the unique double dildo and vibrator in 1. This double dildo has two different heads with motors that provide powerful vibrations. One head offers 9 up-and-down thrusting modes while the other head provides 9 vibration modes, perfect for anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The dildo has a bendable body that memorizes position and shape.

Fun Bag

FUN BAG is a testicle and penis stimulator that improves erection and delay ejaculation. Super stretchy and comfy, it effectively stimulates your testes, penis and perineum. Simply wear your FUN BAG at the base of your shaft to envelop your balls and play with the nine vibration settings. With your partner or solo, entertain your balls with good vibrations!


P-Finger is a remote-control vibrator that enhances sensations with its ultra-soft yet textured silicone surface. It stimulates the prostate and vagina with 7 different vibrating modes and 3 finger massage modes. And the boost and warming functions make this vibrator even more unique! The boost function is a specific mode that make the motors use maximum intensities to boost an orgasm. The warming function (up to 42°) provides a gentle internal heat during the heat of the moment.

Secret Orgasm

Secret Orgasm is a pack of two toys to stimulate the erogeneous zones. The remote control is a 2 in 1: besides being the remote control of the egg, it can also be used as a vibrating massager to tantalize the nipples and clitoris. The egg as well as the remote control have 10 different vibrating modes. The egg can be easily slipped into the vagina thanks to the ultra-smooth silicone.

Furious Rabbit

Furious Rabbit 2.0 has a powerful dual-motor and semi-realistic design. This thrusting vibrator is a 3-in-1: thrusting head, rotating beads and vibrating ears. In addition, the thrusting vibrator stimulates the G-spot while the vibrating ears stimulate the clitoris.

Twist Delight

If you ever felt like spicing up your sex life, meet TWIST DELIGHT ! Anus, vagina, clitoris, perineum... TWIST DELIGHT powerfully stimulates all your intimate zones thanks to its 10-modes dual motors coupled with its 5-modes rotating balls. Made of body-proof silicone and curved shaped, TWIST DELIGHT safely teases both G and P-points. Oh, and it also comes with a remote control to play solo or with your partner, whenever you want, wherever you go! | 800.525.0848