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Sexual Health and Wellness Concerns

This video covers the common questions and misconceptions you may come across while working with customers. A thread that runs through many sexual health and wellness questions is “Am I normal?” You can help customers by debunking common sexuality myths, being a compassionate, non-shaming resource for people, providing tips, product recommendations and techniques for increasing pleasure, and giving customers permission and guidance to seek professional or medical support, when appropriate.

Sex As We Age

As life expectancy increases, the world’s population over 65 is also growing. There are very few resources focused on their sexual health and wellness. This video hopes to help address that lack of sexuality information for seniors! Older individuals are generally viewed as having lost their interest in sex and their capacity for sexual behavior. However, not only are seniors interested in sex, with education and understanding of the changes that occur as we age, there are many ways to continue to engage in pleasurable sexual activity. Stigma and shame are some of the contributing factors that inhibit seniors’ sexual expression. Other factors include changes to the body, grief, mental health, and lack of education and resources.

Kink Dynamics

Kinky desires are common and will come up while you’re working the sales floor. Kink is an all-encompassing term that groups unconventional, consensual sexual practices together. Kink practices include, but are not limited to, role play, bondage, impact play, fetishes, and power dynamics. Kink can also be referred to as BDSM, which stands for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism, Dominance, and Submission. Kink is often misunderstood and misrepresented because it can involve situations and sensations that under different circumstances would be considered abusive.

Centering the Customer Experience

Customers seek out pleasure products and education to create meaningful experiences in their lives. There are simple customer service techniques that can support our customers in achieving their pleasure and wellness goals. Connection-focused techniques: Build long-term trust and loyalty, and word of mouth. We get to share valuable knowledge to improve their lives. It becomes much easier to close a sale. We can convert customers to become workshop attendees and use store initiatives. When we connect authentically with customers, we create a more meaningful exchange for ourselves as well.

Versatile Products

One size does not fit all when it comes to sex toys. But some products are more adaptable and universal than others. Here we’ll focus on versatile and ergonomic products that meet a variety of needs and conform well to various bodies.

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