Intimate, Impulsive, and Intentional

Elevating Elevation

Transformation from warehouse to market square

As a part of the corporate strategy, Eldorado is transitioning to be more intimate in our communications with our customers. This new philosophy is being introduced at the Elevation event with the intent of making this event more impactful from an educational stance as well as improve sales.

1. Transformation from warehouse to the market square

The warehouse will be transforming to the market square which will resemble a trade show with merchandised booths. Throughout the event, the customers will be in the market square to encourage shopping and sales.

2. Quicker connections

When customers connect with manufacturers or other customers they feel more at ease to ask questions and to purchase. To help promote connection, we will break the customers into small groups that will allow you to interact with every customer and tailor your message.

3. Dedicated shopping

After every presentation, customers will shop your trade show booth. This gives you quality time with every customer to answer questions and sell product.

Please ensure all products you bring to Elevation have a barcode for customers to scan to add them to their Eldorado shopping app cart.

Ensure all products have a barcode for scanning

Presentations based on sponsorship level and free time available

4. App based orders

Attending customers will be encouraged to download the Eldorado shopping app to create their order. This will allow the customer to scan your barcode to add the item to their cart.

5. Presentations and free time

Presentations are based on your sponsorship package. Gold sponsors will present on the first day of the event, Wednesday, September 11. Silver will present on Thursday, September 12 and Bronze sponsors will speak on Friday, September 13.

Although you will only be speaking on one day, shopping will occur everyday! We encourage (but do not require) every sponsor to attend the keynote presentations, have lunch with customers, and be present in your booth at the end of everyday for the open shopping periods (see itinerary for details).

And of course, on Friday, we recommend you be present during the open shopping period at the end of the day. This is the last chance of the event to capture any additional sales.

In your free time, if you would like to meet with Marketing or Purchasing, please let us know so we can schedule.