a cock ring for both of you

  • A vibrating cock ring that lets you sync your orgasms
  • Harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Flexible extensions hug the clit with dual-motor vibration
  • It’s not circular because your penis isn’t, for a more comfortable fit
  • Super flexible (guaranteed to fit!)
  • Intuitive touch control makes it easy to change settings in the moment


rediscover touch

  • Make every touch vibrate
  • Fits perfectly between fingers or labia
  • Two small-but-mighty motors
  • Extra quiet
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • 4 speeds, one “flirt” setting
  • Clean & carry case included


power to the clit

  • Ridiculously strong, rumbling vibration
  • Tapping tips heighten sensitivity and arousal
  • Made for the clit, and great for BJs, nipples, and more
  • Couples-friendly size that still packs power
  • Loop handle you can control, even when things get slippery


a men's toy for couples

  • Deep, powerful motor turns your penis into a vibrator
  • Fits around the shaft for stroking or focused sensation
  • Try it during a BJ for a vibrating deep-throat feeling
  • Ridges hold lube for better glide
  • Easy, comfortable hold with its loop handle
  • Inner diameter 3 cm, surrounded by flexible wings


pulsator meets vibrator

  • Pulsing, thrusting movement and clit vibration
  • Vibrating wings against the labia
  • Gentle G-spot curve and satisfying girth
  • Dual action, what many people need to reach orgasm
  • Just lie back and enjoy, for hands-free FUN


pulsing and thrusting vibrator

  • New technology for instant arousal and fuller orgasms
  • Zingy or rumbling vibration, stroking, fluttering, hands-free thrusting, and more
  • Stimulates nerve endings other vibrators can’t, for new sensations
  • Curated combination settings, so you can lie back and enjoy
  • Super quiet for zero distractions


shaped to fit

  • Strong, purring motor
  • Curved to hug your body
  • Great for partner sex, BJs, and more
  • Full-coverage or pinpoint vibration
  • Discreet shape and quiet motor


double dildo for shared fun

  • A wearable double dildo that’s perfect for strapping
  • You both get to feel every thrust
  • Curves against the wearer’s G-spot
  • Gentle ridge for the receiver’s pleasure
  • Velvety silicone holds lube well, for fewer interruptions


a vibrating wearable double dildo

  • Vibration and penetration for two
  • G-spot and clit stimulation for the wearer
  • A smooth, curved shaft for the receiver
  • Perfect for strap-on play
  • Removable 5-setting vibrator


a bendable dildo for every body

  • A customizable dildo with a poseable shaft
  • Bend it to hit the G-spot or prostate
  • Makes position changes easier during strap-on play
  • Slim shaft and tapered tip—great for pegging
  • Suctions to flat, smooth surfaces
  • Choose between the small and medium sizes



vibrating prostate butt plug

  • Five settings of vibration across all your hotspots
  • Curves against the p-spot and perineum, for amped-up orgasms
  • Wear it during partner sex for toe-curling sensation
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Removable bullet vibrator


the vibrating masturbator

  • Two deep, rumbling motors for mind-blowing sensation
  • Envelops the head of the penis in vibration
  • An effortless masturbation experience
  • Use it solo or invite your partner to grind against the top
  • Easy to use with one hand, or hands-free
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