July 8, 2020

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Classic Brands Max Care Package

Classic Brands Coochy Care Package

Classic Brands CGC Care Package

Now Available - Voodoo Get Lucky

Eldorado Exclusive - Mr. Play by Pretty Love

Just Arrived - XR Brands Squeeze It

New Styles - Ki'xies Thigh Highs

2020 Eldorado Lingerie Catalog - Shop Now!

Max Care Package Mini Bundle

Bundle includes: 2 Prolong Gel Regular Strength, 2 Prolong Gel Extra Strength, 2 Prolong Spray Regular Strength, 2 Prolong Spray Extra Strength, 2 Relax Anal Desensitizer, 2 Arousal Gel Regular Strength, 2 Arousal Gel Extra Strength, 2 Command Gel, 2 Vitality Cream, 2 Satisfaction Masturbation Cream. FREE: 72 foils and POS marerials.


Coochy Care Package Mini Bundle

Bundle includes: 2 Shave Cream Be Original, 2 Shave Cream Frosted Cake, 2 Shave Cream Floral Haze, 2 Shave Cream Island Paradise, 2 Shave Cream Sweet Nectar, 2 Shave Cream Peachy Keen, 2 Fragrance Mist Be Original, 2 Fragrance Mist Frosted Cake, 2 Fragrance Mist Floral Haze, 2 Fragrance Mist Island Paradise, 2 Fragrance Mist Sweet Nectar, 2 Fragrance Mist Peachy Keen, 2 After Shave Protection Mist , 2 Body Oil Mist, 2 Intimate Feminine Spray, 2 Sweat Defense Protection Lotions. FREE: 72 promo postcards with foils.

CGC Care Package Mini Bundle

Bundle includes: 2 Pole Polish Naked, 2 Pole Polish Strawberry, 2 Pole Polish Vanilla, 2 Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Sugar Rush, 2 Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Bery Burst, 2 Blow Me Oral Sex Gel Mint, 2 Lip Tease Stimulant Strawberry, 2 Lip Tease Stimulant Watermelon, 2 Lip Tease Stimulant Mint, 2 Oh My Stimulant Warming, 2 Oh Yes Stimulant Cooling, 2 Oh Gee G Spot Stimulant, 2 Oh Wow Tightening Gel, 2 Tush Tease Anal Stimulate, 2 Tush Ease Au Natural, 2 Tush Ease Anal Relaxant Ethyl PABA, 2 Tush Ease Anal Relaxant Ethyl Au Natural. FREE: 72 Foils and POS materials.


Now Available!

Discover the new collection of realistic dongs from Voodoo Toys!

  • Dual-layered TPE lifelike material
  • Soft outer skin with firm center
  • Easily bends to any shape
  • Phthalate fre
  • Latex free


New Line of Anal Products

Based on progressive French-style, these new anal toys are stylish and provide stimulating satisfaction. Exclusive to Eldorado.

Squeezable Medium Anal Plug. This squeezable, bendable butt plug makes insertion easy and fun! This state-of-the-art anal accessory is ultra-flexible so that it can conform to your demands. Enjoy the classic spade shape with its wide bulb, or squish it into a more tapered design that slides in with ease. Made with Thermo-Reactive Technology, it can be cooled down in a refrigerator until you are ready to use it, making it chill and hard, or it can be heated in a microwave or boiling water to make it warm and comfortably pliable. Suction down the base to a smooth surface for a hands-free penetration. The premium silicone material is non-porous and phthalate-free, but not compatible with silicone lubricants. Clean after use with mild soap or toy cleaner. Made with a patented revolutionary formula for a realistic feel.


All Squeeze-Its feature Theromo reactive technology! Warm them up in a microwave for up to 30 seconds to make them confortable warm and pliable. Cool things down by placing them in a refrigerator to make them hard. Squeeze-Its also feature premium silicone and are very flexible to provide a unique and thrilling sensation!

New Styles!

No one likes how regular tights put the squeeze on you! And who doesn't breathe a huge sigh of relief when they're peeled off after a long day? Enter Kix'ies ... Our no-sip grip keeps them in place without the uncomfortable high waisted band squeezing at your belly all day! We have four sizes to choose from and size by thigh circumference to get the perfect fit.

2020 Lingerie Catalog

The 2020 Eldorado Lingerie Catalog is arriving to a mailbox near you! Shop Sexy New Styles for Summer. Can't wait? Shop a sneak peak and the full catalog online now!