November 2, 2020

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Lovense - Sex Tech for Every Bedroom

Aneros - Have a Happy Prostate

Little Genie - New Face Masks

Elvie - Train Your Pelvic Floor

b-Vibe - Peace & Love Rimming Plug

Nü Sensuelle The NU GENERATION of Pleasure

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Lovense Lush 2.0

The most powerful wearable vibrator with the longest control range of all Bluetooth vibrators. Lush 2 is a camming favorite and works with popular camming sites including Chaturbate and MyFreeCams. For a full list of integrated cam sites please visit:

Anything Else Is Just A Toy!

A healthy prostate means you’re able to have stronger, longer sex. Stronger, longer sex means you’re able to keep a healthy prostate. It all comes full circle in a very sexy way. MULTIPLE MALE ORGASMS Men are able to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms which can be extremely intense. PERFECT FOR COUPLES Aneros prostate massagers can be used for solo play or to enhance sex with a partner INCREASE PERFORMANCE Men who have tried prostate massage show an increase in libido, sexual performance and satisfaction.



In 2012 Aneros introduced the Helix Syn™. Featuring the perfect combination of responsiveness and focused stimulation paired with the comfort and elegance of silicone, the Helix Syn™ went on to become the most popular hands free male G spot massager in the world. Today we proudly present the Helix Syn™ Trident, the synthesis of our newest Trident series innovations with our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet. The Helix Syn™ Trident powerfully amplifies encounters with a partner and takes solo exploration to the level of multi-orgasmic ecstasy.

  • Hands free pleasure with the utmost comfort
  • Specially balanced for superior internal movement
  • Redesigned arms for enhanced external stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Perfect for New and Advanced Users

Vice 2

Building on the legacy of the award winning VICE massager, the VICE 2 is the next generation in vibrating prostate pleasure for men. Every curve and contour of the VICE 2 has been anatomically configured to perform in harmony with your body with a larger profile for deeper, fuller sensations. VICE 2's two powerful motors, 18 expertly tuned vibration patterns and 4 speed selections, produce an astounding 72 sensory experiences, ranging from the seductively subtle to the exquisitely intense. Great for wearing out or grinding at home.

Peridise Set - Pack of 2

The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Peridise continues the Aneros tradition of intelligent design. By utilizing the body's natural responses after insertion, Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand-alone or enhance a traditional orgasm. The thoughtful design of the Peridise allows for easy introduction, comfortable use, and a freedom of movement for an experience like no other. As your skill and strength advances, you should start with the larger model and move down to the smaller. You will find that the smaller the device, the more exquisite the pleasure.

Progasm Jr.

The Aneros Progasm Jr. provides users with a smaller, but equally enjoyable alternative to Aneros' most advanced massager, the Progasm Classic. Jr. features enhanced responsiveness and focused stimulation as a result of its more compactly scaled design. The round perineum tab and Kundalini "K-Tab" add complimentary sensations up and down the back and in the prostate, while the advanced plastic composition provides a smooth, glass-like feel. Whether you are new to prostate health or an experienced user of the Progasm Classic, Jr. will help you achieve a Super-O.


Elvie Trainer

Elvie is an award-winning exercise tracker for the pelvic floor. Simply place inside, connect to the app and track kegel strength. As the muscles contract, the on screen gem lifts, allowing users to see their pelvic floor exercises in real time. The six unique games were designed with the help of physiotherapists and experts from Imperial College and University of Oxford.

b-Vibe Peace & Love Tie-Dye Rimming Plug

Take an ethereal trip to the promiscuous 60s and experience anal play without guilt with our latest masterpiece, the Peace & Love Tie-Dye Rimming Plug Set. This limited edition rimming plug aims to rekindle just what the world needs right now — peace, love, sex — through sexual awareness, sexual positivity, and sexual freedom. To embrace an era of euphoric sex, we created our most distinctive b-Vibe yet! Each Peace & Love Rimming Plug passes a special tie-dye process that's 100% body-safe and makes the toy genuinely unique. No two plugs are the same, and they're yours to enjoy for eternity. Featuring all of the functions from our idolized Rimming Plug 2, the Peace and Love edition goes one step further by including an 8-piece assortment of collectible swag. Scroll down to learn more & get your far-out drop of psychedelic pleasure before it's too late, baby.

Nü Sensuelle Trinitii Tongue Vibe

Trinitii combines three separate sensations to deliver unique and powerful clitoral stimulation. The soft, open tip over the clitoris provides indirect suction while the flickering tongue mimics the sensation of oral sex and the powerful vibrations add one final thrill you’ll feel wherever it touches your skin.

Nü Sensuelle Point Plus Rechargeable Bullet

Your favorite bullet just got an upgrade. The Point PLUS delivers 30% MORE power that the original Sensuelle Point. It includes two silicone sleeves and features dual button controls that allow you to move up or down through the 20 intense functions to find the tempo you like best. The silicone Point PLUS is twice dipped in silicone to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel.

Nü Sensuelle Homme Rechargeable Prostate Massager

While there are many sexual health benefits to prostate massage, Homme Pro is here to focus on your pleasure – and control. Because no two bodies are the same, it can be difficult for some toys to hit the prostate just right, which is why we designed the Homme Pro to be held rather than simply inserted hands-free. This keeps you in total control of the position and pressure, giving you the ability to customize your experience

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