October 1, 2020

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New Holiday Styles from Dreamgirl

Soar to New Heights with Lelo

Find Your Perfect Spot with Dame

Celebrate Locktober

Save 30% on Doc Johnson

We are empowering. We are inclusive. We are fun. But above all, we are sexy. We’re Dreamgirl International, the trendsetting brand established in 1978 with the belief that every woman should embrace her sexy side and feel empowered while doing so.

We believe that every girl is a dream girl.

Discover Dreamgirl's Holiday collection at Eldorado!


Holiday Foil Lace & Sparkle Mesh Babydoll w/G-String Black


Holiday Stretch Velvet & Faux Bustier Top, Skirt & Hat


Holiday Rhinestone Netting Teddy


Soar to new heights of intense intimacy with ORA 3. Enhanced with a firmer, faster node that swirls around like a tongue, this luxurious massager offers uninhibited oral pleasure - exactly how you like it, every single time. Product Features:

  • ROTATING TONGUE SIMULATOR - The mind blowing combination of 12 dierent vibration patterns and an ultra-smooth rotating node offer the feeling of oral sex - only better.
  • LARGER, FASTER TARGETED NODE FOR COMPLETE PLEASURE - Enhanced node is larger, faster, firmer and more flexible so you can get that just-right angle for complete pleasure every time.
  • EXTRA-SOFT SILICONE - Ultra-smooth premium silicone that’s extra soft to the touch. LELO’s classic body-safe silicone design - made even better.
  • FULLY-WATERPROOF & RECHARGEABLE - 100% waterproof design and USB charging cable for pleasure anytime, anywhere.


Wanderlust Arc is made for exploring. Its bulb has a pleasant squish, with a beaked ridge for targeted vibes on the vulva or clitoris. Warm-up externally, then dive in! Easy does it Arc’s handle has the perfect length and curve to give you just the right angles, without straining the hand or wrist. Enjoy different motions, like rocking, rotating, steady nestling, and sliding in and out. We will rock you Arc features the strongest motor Dame has to offer, giving you a deep, satisfying rumble that can be adjusted to the perfect pattern and speed.

665 CellMate App Enabled Cock Cage

The world's first app controlled chastity device. In combination with the app for Android and iOS you can simply set up your account and link the CellMate to your user ID. When your first CellMate is paired to your account the first message you see is if you want to be a wearer or a keymaster. The keymaster decides when the CellMate unlocks. You have the ability to change your account setting to wearer or keymaster at any time with the approval of the keymaster.

Locked In Lust The Vice Plus

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a penis cage is comfort closely followed by security. This male chastity cage gives men in chastity more room to grow during an erection - which can be equally pleasurable and frustrating! The sizing allows you to customize your penis cage to your anatomy, giving you the maximum comfort and security.

Shots Man Cage Chastity 3.1" Cock Cage Model 7

Whether you're trying orgasm denial, long-term chastity or simply want to prevent him getting an erection, The Man|Cage Silicone Chastity Cage is perfect for new and seasoned chastity explorers alike. Manufactured from soft high-grade silicone they are perfectly comfortable for long term wear, so you can enjoy the erotic restriction all day. Three polycarbonate rings in different sizes and distance pieces are completely customisable for the perfect fit! A metal lock or tie-wrap lock can easily close the cage. The included tie-wrap locks ensure that they will not trigger the alarm of metal detectors at parties, festivals or even airports!

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