Intimate Earth Natural Flavors Glide - 60 ml Salted Caramel

All Natural Flavors Glides are organic and made with all natural Stevia. Aspartame, Saccharine and Sucrose Free. Water based and Condom Safe.

Banana Cream Pie

Cheeky Apples

Chocolate Mint

Fresh Strawberries

Naughty Nectarines

Wild Cherries

Mojo Horny Goat Weed Libido Warming Glide

Blended with the sexual enhancement extract Horny Goat Weed to increase your libido. Naturally warms the skin on contact and feels just like your body's own lubrication. Great to use with any male masturbator toy.

Mojo Prostate Stimulating Gel

Mojo Clove Anal Relaxing Gel

Mojo Penis Stimulating Gel

Mojo Silicone Performance Gel

Mojo Water Based Performance Glide

Mojo Water Based Relaxing Anal Glide

Massage Oil - Grass

Foaming Toy Cleaner