Tantus was born from the hope and aspiration to make the lives of people throughout the world fun, worthwhile, and enjoyable. To make ordinary people smile, and challenge the ethos of an industry to bring what everyone truly desires
– Sexual Happiness.

Cush - Twilight

Hookah - Punk Rock Pink

Magma - Black

Strap-On Vamp Kit - Red

P Spot - Black

Tantus Ryder - Black


Diameter: 2.6 inches. Length: 10.5 inches. Weight: 2.45 lbs


Top Head Diameter: 2.4 inches. Middle Bulge Diameter: 2.9 inches. Length: 10 inches.

Inner Band Trainer

Diameter: 2 inches. Base Diameter: 2.8 inches.

Length: 9 inches.

Cone Large

Max Diameter: 4 inches. Length: 10.7 inches. Weight: 2lb 5oz

Fido 1

Top Tip Diameter: 1.8 inches. Middle Ball Diameter: 2.5 inches. Length: 8 inches.

Dragon's Tail

Tawse Paddle

Gen Paddle

Pelt Silicone Paddle

Plunge Silicone Paddle

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