A comprehensive sexual wellness collection designed just for men.

From Classic Brands.


Pheromone Cologne

MAX Colognes are the perfect addition to your morning routine. Pheromone infused colognes are like liquid confidence boosters. Formulated to enhance your manly self anytime, anywhere so you smell great no matter where you are or who you meet.


Control Gel
Control Spray

Take it nice and slow with MAX CONTROL Prolong Gel and MAX Control Prolong Spray. Fast acting, it goes to work reducing your level of sensitivity so you and your partner can enjoy prolonged play and pleasure.

Anal Desensitizer

Take the edge off entry with MAX RELAX Anal Desensitizer. Fast acting, it goes to work gently decreasing sensitivity so you and your partner can ease your way into more adventurous play.


Pleasure Gel

Amp up the pleasure dial with MAX AROUSAL Pleasure Gel. Fast acting, it goes to work intensifying sensitivity while propelling you to new heights of pleasure.

Performance Gel
Stamina Cream

Not all erections are created equal. In fact, men at any age can experience erectile dissatisfaction. The MAX COLLECTION is a great topical alternative for men who are looking to boost performance or simply want to enhance pleasure.

Masturbation Cream

Be a master of smooth moves with MAX SATISFACTION Masturbation Cream. It only takes a few strokes to melt the luxurious cream into a lubricious glide. Perfect for a solo joy stick ride.

Foil Packs Available

Introductory Bundle Kit

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